We Call This Creative-Effort Philanthropy.

Ad for One is a platform for the creative community, agencies, its leaders & employees to pledge 1% of their time & creative-effort to focus on societies and cultures that are in need of compelling solutions.

Your pledge will give you structured processes & access to extend your creative impact with a select panel of non-profit partners & social organizations – simply by being your creative selves.

Removing Barriers For a Generation of Creatives and Non-profits

As an industry home to some of the world’s brightest, creative human minds, we can and we must do better

While the advertising community has often been at the forefront in using creativity for good, approaching societal challenges with a proactive, inventive spirit has never been more important. As society’s traditional problem-solvers struggle to keep up with various civic challenges, many of these solutions will come from us, this emerging group of creative problem-solvers. 

Our Partner Agencies