How It Works

Ad for One is founded keeping the significant realities of the creative community and its role in influencing how our society works. The advertising community is home to some of the brightest, creative minds of this generation, ready to be engaged by a society that is in need of help.
As society’s traditional problem-solvers struggle to keep up with various civic challenges, we know many of these solutions will come from us: an emerging group of inspired individuals and teams.
Ad For One is as much about putting in the 1% as it is about loudly stating our collective intent to do better and inspire change. From within.

Upon pledging your 1%, you can immediately get in touch with non-profits of your interest to unravel the possibilities of collaborating.

Committing to Ad For One is the first step towards establishing your intent to give back to your community through your strengths.

Ad For One is a platform for the engaged among us to discuss challenges, successes and failures, and how to be smarter about doing good.

People who have joined the pledge are united by a shared commitment to learning and giving, and will have opportunities to gather throughout the year to learn from the community about how best to leverage their creativity to address some of our society’s biggest challenges.